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Fairmart automatically lists your products on marketplaces and syncs orders and stock across all channels.

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List  thousands of products in a day

Simply scan and our AI will instantly identify product's photo, title and description.

List thousands of products across Shopee, Lazada, and Google.

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Process orders from all channels in one place

No more multiple logins.

Manage your product data, stock, and price all in one place. Update once, sync everywhere.

What our customers say

“Fairmart saved me hundreds of hours to list products online. We got new orders in less than a week!”


Food Joy

“I always knew that we could sell more online. I can now quickly digitise my stock to drive more sales”

Connie Lim

Hock Ghee Seng

“I never thought this was possible. It’s a real break through for a small business like mine.”

Ivy Chiang

The Excellent Spirit

“Just scan the product and its online. It’s so easy, even a kid could do it.”

Luc Sonnier

Hop Shop

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